Stuart Shulman posted Draft Conference Program Online

You can view the draft conference program on the conference web site. This looks like a wonderful collection of papers. I could not be happier. Thank-you to all the reviewers! ~Stu

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In April, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst hosted a multidisciplinary academic conference called "YouTube and the 2008 Election Cycle in the United States." The conference featured deep research into how candidates used YouTube and how it affected the election. It's perfect information for campaigners and consultants—but the kind that frequently slips under the radar of the political consulting world. That's why we've grabbed the authors o... [read more]

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Stuart Shulman posted All 13 Presentations via Panopto

Please share this link to all 13 presentations made at the conference:

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Stuart Shulman posted Observations at the Meeting

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Stuart Shulman left a note for Maxwell Harper

It was a treat to have you at the meeting...some very memorable lines and imagery.


Fri, Apr 17 at 7:44PM

Stuart Shulman posted Max Harper's YouTube Playlist

Worth a look!

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Stuart Shulman posted ABC - Amherst Brewing Company

Probably will be found at the Amherst Brewing Company after 7 pm tonight...

Rusty Tunnard: I'll find you there. Rusty Tunnard
Stuart Shulman: Stu has been summoned home to read Tintin to his 7-year old...
Rusty Tunnard: Bonne lecture--a demain.

Wed, Apr 15 at 9:24PM (3 comments)

Rusty Tunnard left a note for Richard Rogers

Hi Richard,

Are you around tonight (Wedensday?)

Wed, Apr 15 at 6:51PM

Stuart Shulman posted If you are in town tonight...

We will be plugging in gadgets and *stuff* all afternoon and checking systems on the 10th floor of the Campus Center. Stop by and say hi to the crew and meet Nate, the CIO.

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Stuart Shulman left a note for Robert Klotz

Hi Robert,

Thanks for taking the time to join the network and we are looking forward to meeting you.


Mon, Apr 13 at 12:59PM

Dave Karpf posted papers available online?

Will the conference papers be available online beforehand? I usually like to print out papers to read for the plane ride. Looking forward to meeting everyone next week! -DK

Stuart Shulman: Yes!

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Stuart Shulman posted diigo - a nifty annotation tool!

We will be inviting people to use 'diigo' ( to annotate and bookmark the conference materials. This is a nifty platform! Check out the 'diigo' overview at: So, even if you cannot come to Amherst, you can still view and mark-up the papers, slides and videos. Coming soon!

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Stuart Shulman left a note for Hillary Savoie

Great to have representation from RPI. Welcome Hillary!

Tue, Mar 3 at 10:17PM

Michelle Goncalves posted Register for the YouTube Conference

Don't forget to register for this conference! Registration is available through the conference homepage: You'll also find information about discounted hotel rooms as well as bios and abstracts of our keynote speakers at the website. Don't delay!

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Stuart Shulman posted Back in Black on Congress & YouTube

.cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url('') !important;}.cc_links a{color:#b9b9b9;text-decoration:none;}.cc_show a{color:#707070;text-decoration:none;}.cc_title a{color:#868686;text-decoration:none;}.cc_links a:hover{color:#67bee2;text-decoration:underline;}The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10cBack in Black - Congress on YouTubeDaily Show Full EpisodesFunny ... [read more]

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Stuart Shulman posted Keynote Talk Abstracts Posted

Our keynote talk abstracts are posted: I have known Richard and Nosh for several years now. Each of them give magnificent talks and are superb researchers.

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Stuart Shulman posted I YouTube You Decide


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Stuart Shulman posted YouTube & Congress

This is an interesting alliance not without some great political angles: I'll be in DC this Friday talking to IT-savvy staffers for the leadership of Congress. Perhaps we can get a panel of experts to show up in April, or a collaboration that unleashes new data for research.

Bob Boynton: It is now very easy to send videos to multiple sites simultaneously, i.e., without extra work. That seems a better solution than trying to invent a network that only the most interested will find. The 'problem' is getting viewers. If you take the vid... [read more]

Mon, Jan 26 at 12:32AM (1 comment)

{If you are eating bags of espresso beans and feverishly finishing your paper by 11:59 pm tonight, please do not read this...} We are getting some last minute requests for extensions and therefore we will be issuing a new call for papers soon with an extended January 21, 2009 deadline. Obviously, the sooner we get your paper the sooner we can produce reviews and a decision that lets you make plans about April travel. That said, these JITP reviewe... [read more]

Jon Hickey: Thanks for extending the deadline! I hope to get something in!
Stuart Shulman: The papers are slowly trickling in. We certainly have enough for a great couple of days. What the relatively small number of papers means is we will have a genuine workshop, where accepted papers will get the full attention of all the attendees. Keep... [read more]

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Michelle Goncalves posted Registration Now Open

Visit to register. Register before Jan. 31 to receive an early bird discount.

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The Journal of Information Technology & Politics (JITP) has moved to "informaworld" All 8 issues of JITP published to date are *free* to everyone through the end of January via the link I have pasted above.

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Stuart Shulman posted JITP Referee Guidelines

With the deadline for conference paper submissions fast approaching, I thought folks might want to glance at the JITP "Referee Guidelines" and in particular at the "Replication Policy" for research papers:

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Stuart Shulman posted ShareThis Button

I have added a "ShareThis" button to the conference web pages. Please use this feature to social bookmark the site. If you are a digg,, Facebook or other social network user, this is a great way to help get the word out about the workshop.

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Toni Pole posted MPSA

Did anyone else apply or think about attending MPSA? Sadly, I did not realize that MPSA and the YouTube conference will be held the same weekend. Anyone else in this position?

Ken Rogerson: I, too, would appreciate a date change. As long as it remains on a weekend, the end of the semester shouldn't be a problem for me.
Stuart Shulman: We are now looking at 16/17 (Thursday/Friday) or 24/25 (Friday/Saturday). Stay tuned!
Stuart Shulman: The new workshop dates are set: April 16 & 17, 2009. I hope to see you there. Paper submissions are due by January 7, 2009. You can submit papers anytime using JITP's submission site to get the review process started.

Mon, Nov 24 at 4:55PM (7 comments)

I know that Danah Boyd keeps a running list of social network site research. Jon Hickey noted in a discussion post he wanted to create a database for YouTube videos ( But I wonder if anyone is doing such a thing for social science research into social media & politics. These types of studies are hard to find. I've a mind to start one using MS Sharepoint that anyone can contribute to by fil... [read more]

Mon, Nov 10 at 11:03PM (0 comments)

Hi everyone, For a while I've been wanting to put together a database of all the election videos released by the candidates on YouTube, and I think I finally have the tools and web development skills to do it. The idea is to download all of the videos off of YouTube and upload them to my server so they won't disappear if the candidates decide to remove them. From there, they can be categorized and tagged to aid in searching. I can also give permi... [read more]

Stuart Shulman: Jon, We are doing something like that using Tubekit, however, I think the data is being stored locally and not on a publically accessible server. I do think a repository of election videos and metadata would be one of the contributions of this confer... [read more]
Bob Boynton: I hope we are collecting the McCain, Barr and Nader videos. My hunch is that the McCain videos will disappear very quickly as he tries to resurrect his reputation. And Barr and Nader may find paying for keeping theirs up pointless.

Sat, Nov 1 at 1:08AM (2 comments)

Stuart Shulman posted Bob's Impressive Wiki Work

Bob Boynton is building a great wiki in support of the workshop next April. You can find it indexed on his web site. The best wikis are built by groups, so if you have a page to add or feel like editing, please visit the wiki linked to this crowdvine.

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Stuart Shulman posted YouTube Election Wisdom

Gail Collins, writing about the now infamous Joe the Plumber, notes: "Joe the Plumber, it turns out, is actually named Samuel and is not a licensed plumber. He has a lien on his house for unpaid taxes. While his professional life is still a little hazy, there is not much evidence he’s ever going to become a small business owner. And he would be a beneficiary of the Barack Obama tax plan. I think the lessons here are very clear: 1) Do not organize... [read more]

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Stuart Shulman posted Not Ready '08

This is an interesting site: It is collection of videos designed to show that Obama is not ready to be the President.

Chuck Tryon: I hadn't checked out "Not Ready" until recently, but it's an interesting site. I'll be interested to see how/if the rhetoric of "Not Ready" changes now that perceptions of Sarah Palin as inexperienced have become increasingly entrenched.

Mon, Sep 1 at 12:43PM (1 comment)

There is an interesting story in the Washington Post today: The Clickocracy The Newest YouTube Stars: Campaign Managers By Jose Antonio Vargas As of yesterday afternoon, Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama had uploaded 1,410 videos on their YouTube channels -- 224 from McCain and 1,186 from Obama. Surprisingly, some of the more interesting, revealing of these videos were posted by their campaign managers. While they may not have been watched as he... [read more]

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Bob Boynton posted Invitations

It seems to me that there would be considerable utility for the conference in inviting someone who had been engaged in the YouTube campaigns of the candidates to attend the conference and make a presentation about what they had done. We could see how our views of the campaign squared with theirs.

Stuart Shulman: Great idea Bob. Would you like to take the lead on investigating who might fit that description?
Bob Boynton: The person for Obama seems to be Arun Chaudhary. I do not know if he would be interested. He was a faculty member at NYU so that may suggest scholarly interests. I have no idea how one would get a connection to him. Iowa is a great place for connecti... [read more]

Mon, Jul 28 at 5:39PM (2 comments)